Where there’s smoke, there’s Pipes
POSTED AT Feb 08, 2007  |   Blogging | 1 Comment

I’ve been reading the various posts about Yahoo’s new Pipes offering and have played with it a bit. Seriously cool and as noted in the various commentaries, it will probably be ‘the’ milestone for the plumbing of the nextgen web. I saw an informal demo a while back and have been biting my tongue. Others have summarized it better than I could… Tim O’Reilly breaks the story, followed by Jeremy, Anil, Pete and others.

Two aspects of it stand out for me… first, the ability to input/output in a variety of formats and second, the ability to reuse feeds recursively.

Simply fabulous.

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  1. i did take a short course on home plumbing, i never thought that plumbing is a very easy task`*’

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